IGing Oracle
An Example

This example demonstrates how IGing Oracle can help you decide, as a job seeker, what attitude to adopt in a forthcoming job interview.

When you log into IGing Oracle you are presented with a set of symbolic images that represent 8 classes of attributes:

Hovering over an image, a set of attributes is displayed; e.g., the symbol Earth represents:

Contemplating about the upcoming interview, let's further assume that your emotional attitude is best described by the symbol Water and your intellectual/spiritual, by Fire.  To register your choices you will click Fire and double-click Water:

IGing responds with an oracle-like advice that depends on the I Ching's Judgment.

By clicking "I Ching" you access the original I Ching with its Symbol, Title, Hexagram, Judgment, Image and Comments; while the dynamic Hexagram Lines are still invisible:

To see The Lines and follow the dynamics of the chosen State of Being, click on the color coded Hexagram:

There is also an option for a random change to a different State of Being.

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