IGing Oracle
The IGing Oracle Application

IGing Oracle is a breakthrough innovative method for self-analysis and decision making.  It is a fusion of Western and Eastern psycho-analytical methods that help the user to make the best decisions in any given situation.  This is accomplished when the user has had determined which attitude, or State of Being (SoB), to adopt in an anticipated situation. (For the definition of SoB, click the Navigator (top right)).

The application consists of two interconnected parts: The SoB reconstruction tool and a unique presentation of The Book of Changes - The I Ching. (For I Ching resources, see Navigator).  Both parts consist of symbols that represent the entire scope of the human experience. There are 8 symbols with which 64 different SoBs can be constructed; each with a unique internal structure and a symbolic name.  The reconstruction tool helps to determine the SoB and issues an oracle-like advice. The I Ching delivers a full analysis of every SoB; it describes the dynamics, i.e. changes, and delivers a Judgment and interpretations (the Comments).  The core of I Ching is represented by The Lines.

To reconstruct a SoB the user has to:
1st: Contemplate about the problem to be solved, the dilemma to be disentangled or the anticipated situation where he or she are going to be involved in, or a current situation.
2nd: Choose a symbol that best fits his/her thoughts concerning the situation in play. [The chosen symbol represents the user's intellectual component of his/her SoB].
3rd: Choose a symbol that best resonates with his/her feeling (i.e. gut feeling, intuition) that was invoked in the contemplation stage. [The chosen symbol represents the user's emotional component of his/her SoB].  Thus, a SoB has been determined.  The order of determining the SoB's components is interchangeable.

Finally, the user can invoke The I Ching and analyse the dynamics of the very attitude that is intrinsic to the chosen SoB.  He or she can then decide if to adopt or change the particular SoB.

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