IGing Oracle
State of Being

The "State of Being" is the state of Consciousness in a given situation.  It is the union of ones thoughts and feelings.

When anticipating a future situation or having a current dilemma, IGing Oracle offers you advice with the help of two powerful analytical tools:  The State of Being Reconstruction Tool - that helps you clarify and control your attitudes - and the I Ching that analyses the dynamics of your selected attitude choices.

To reconstruct your SoB, for any given situation, you need only select two symbols; one that represents your intellectual attitude and one the emotional.  Having made your choices (by hovering over and clicking symbolic images), the program returns short, though profound, advice.  For complete analysis of possible developments and changes, one must first determine the SoB, however.

Reconstructing a State of Being is by itself a powerful psychoanalytical tool:  When confronted with a problematic situation, IGing Oracle helps you chose and decide which is the best combination of emotional, intellectual and spiritual attitudes.

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